The London Contemporary Soloists is a UK based, sought after ensemble that performs new music to a wide variety of audiences. 

The London Contemporary Soloists was founded in 2021 with the purpose of bringing together the most talented young musicians of London who have a passion for the performance of new music. The collective aims to create meaningful programs that merge new and traditional repertoire while comissioning and performing new pieces by emerging composers. 

From its first concert to the last, the London Contemporary Soloists programs always pursued a theme. From very concrete themes like "the transformation of the 'chorale'" to abstract exporations like "Textural Space" and "Air to Sound" to site specific themes like "Reverse Current" inspired by the two opposite currents of the Bosphorus, London Contempory Soloists never ceases to give its audiences a unique experience in the concert hall.

Now in its 3rd season, London Contemporary Soloists has completed two seasons in various venues around London and two off season tours in Turkey. The ensemble took stage in many different formations, from solo instruments to symphony orchestra with soloists. 

2023 marked the performances of Beethoven's Violin concerto with Emmanuel Coppey and Mozart's 27th Piano Concerto with Katya Grabova alongside new creations under the direction of Emre Şener. The London Contemporary Soloists recently performed in important venues such as St. James Church, London, St. Mary's Perivale, St. Cyprian's Gloucester Gate, Yeldeğirmeni Sanat, Decollage Art Centre, The Stay Warehouse, The Stay Bosphorus and more.

Important LCS comissions include 'Zoom in & Out - Take 1' for solo cello by Shin Kim, 'Pels Jardins' for large ensemble by and 'Llaor' for electric violin by Arnau Brichs, 'Void' for Violoncello Quartet by Cem Güven and 'Tragedya (I)' for double string quartet by Emre Şener

The ensemble has also initiated projects like the highlighted composer series where the ensemble shines a light on a series of pieces by selected composers. The first realization of this project was the recording of all cello pieces by Anton Webern. Other projects include an earthquake relief concert for Turkey and an immersive electronic concert in collaboration with the Stay hotels.